Autism: It’s My Identity, Not My Issue

I was watching the movie "Milk" the other night; about the social justice activist and politician named Harvey Milk who was murdered by a man who claimed junk food made him do it. At one point in the movie Harvey tells the man who eventually kills him that the things he fights for aren't "issues": … Continue reading Autism: It’s My Identity, Not My Issue



I wrote this at the request of my students, but then had someone reject it for the intended purpose. The reason they gave the students was, " our culture, we don't believe in stealing from the dead..." (Private) I think you will find that the person obviously missed the point. Still, I'm finding myself feeling … Continue reading Taboos

I Abused Children And SO DO YOU: A Response To An ABA Apologist

There’s so much to say about this. When she cited the woman saying she looked at her child’s diagnosis as the baseline of progress, I understood the degree to which the woman’s opinion of her children has been damaged by deficit based diagnosis. If I believed my diagnosis the way it was written, there’s a good chance I might have killed myself.

Diary Of A Birdmad girl

This was written in response to this article which was written in response to my first article:

You can read my first article here:

*CW: ABA/Autistic Conversion Therapy, abuse, torture (including graphic images and video of), mention of “awareness,” “recovery,” Autism Speaks, filicide, and links to all of this and other material that many people may find triggering. Please proceed with caution…

*CN: This is a very long read so settle in for a while (or save for later)…

Dear Condescending ‘Autism Mom,’

I’m assuming that’s what you call yourself since your views seem to be right in line with those who prefer that title. I also think it’s fair to make assumptions since you’ve made plenty about me.

Still, I wanted to sincerely thank you for writing your article, “True ABA Therapy Is Not Abuse: A Response.” You see, despite the fact that my article contained language…

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